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In order to reduce the barriers to seek support or treatment, we expanded our highly secure Telehealth platform where children, adults and families can receive video consultation and or counseling services from our highly skilled clinical staff remotely and from the comfort of their homes and can be beneficial to improve access to emotional healthcare services, avoid travelling costs and most importantly, reduces waiting time.


Most Valuable Medical Innovation Award

We are so glad and proud that the MOST VALUABLE MEDICAL INNOVATION AWARD has been bestowed upon OPENMINDS PSYCHIATRY COUNSELING AND NEUROSCIENCE CENTER in recognition of our Professional Excellence and Outstanding Contribution during the Covid-19 response.

Dr. Shankar Srinivas take a part in Meet the Masters by Medibiz Tv

Dr. Shankar Srinivas Kuchibatla take a part in Meet the Masters by Medibiz Tv!

Meet the Masters is a series of interview conducted by MediBiz TV for introducing the Business Leaders most prominently in Medical Sector of UAE.

Emarati Program Interview with Dr. Shankar Srinivas

Emarati Program Interview with Dr. Shankar Srinivas, Medical/Managing Director at OPENMINDS Centre. In this Interview Dr. Shankar talks about his vision of starting a Centre with Holistic approach where people can recover from mental health illnesses without life long medication with the support of various specialties in psychology and more.

Employee Assistance Program

Our comprehensive Employee Wellness Program is designed to improve the well-being of all employees and reduce or eliminate mental health issues affecting employee health and work productivity. The Wellness Program will consist of activities which include awareness, lifestyle change, and supportive environment.

Online consultation / Tele Therapy

Consultations are carried over via online.